LHM Song Of The Month Winners

Best Songs Submitted Each Month for TV & film & Other Media Sync

LHM Song Of The Month Contest


We receive hundreds of songs each month. We listen to as many as possible and choose the best for our catalog and clients in TV, Film, Games and other media.

LHM SONG OF THE MONTH is a fun and easy way for all music creators to submit music to us.

The contest has helped music artists, songwriters, producers, publishers and others get exposure and placements for their songs. One example is Independent R&B Artist, Mikal 7 who submitted his song for our Song Of The Month Contest and won big.

After winning, Mikal’s song “When The Thrill Is Gone” was discovered by a major music supervisor who heard the song playing in LHM Social Media Newsletter!

The song was then placed on NBC TV Show “MADE IN CHELSEA,” a top rated television show in U.K. Through this Contest & placement, “When The Thrill Is Gone,” has been heard by millions of people.


How The Contest Works:
Submit 1 or more original songs with $7 ENTRY FEE ($7 entry fee for each song entered)
Each song will be judged on its artistic merit, originality, craft and market potential. Demos do not have to be elaborately produced, but they need to be presented in a professional manner.

A.) Winner receives recognition and title as LHM’s Song Of The Month Winner

B.) The winning song is posted (along with a picture and bio of the artist-songwriter) on LHM Facebook, Twitter pages and other pages which are seen by THOUSANDS of major players in Film, Television, Video Games & Advertising who listen to our winning songs each month.

C.) In addition, the winner receives a special feature in the LHM newsletter seen by 200+ Film/TV music supervisors for possible TV & Film placements.

D.) Winner will also receive a free subscription to the LHM Exclusive Newsletter, which includes all details on latest TV/Film projects and submission opportunities for projects each month.


1. Click ON Buy Now Button (below) and make entry fee

2. Send a downloadable link to your song along with payment confirmation to   


The song will be reviewed by one of the Professional Songwriters and/or Publishers working on the LHM Music Team.

3. Your song is then entered into the contest among other songs submitted for the month.

4. We then choose the best from the songs submitted for the month.

5. The winner receives a phone call or email that he/she has won.


Every one is a Winner with this contest as all songs submitted will also be considered for The LHM Catalog, which is often used in Film, television shows, 

advertisements, etc. as well.